Thangal Para is a pilgrimage destination for Muslims becuase resting place (Dargah) of Sufi saint Hasrath Sheikh Fariduddin Baba is located here. Thangal Para is located in Thangal Hill,Vagamon.

  • beema-pally

    Beemapalli Mosque 0

    This holy place of muslim pilgrimage lies about five kilometres southwest of Central Railway Station of Trivandrum , on the shoreline towards Poonthura. This famous place of worship is dedicated to Beema Beevi, a religious Muslim lady who is was bestowed with miraculous spiritual powers. She is a member of the family of Prophet Mohammed

  • cheraman-perumal

    Cheraman Juma Masjid 0

    Believed to be the first mosque in India, Cheraman Juma Masjid where the Juma prayers were started is situated in Methala Village of Kodungalloor taluk in the state of Kerala. Built around 629 AD, the mosque is unique in its appearance as it is based on a mixture of Arab and traditional Kerala art and


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