Kerala Congress (M)

Kerala Congress (M) is a recognized state level Indian political party in Kerala. It was formed in 1979, through a split from the Kerala Congress. Its leader and chairman is K. M. Mani. Its working chairman is P. J. Joseph. As of 2011, the party has 9 MLAs in the State Legislative Assembly, two members in Parliament (Jose K. Mani)(Lok Sabha) and Joy Abraham(Rajya Sabha) and an alliance member of the United Democratic Front(in Kerala) and United Progressive Alliance (In Central)

On April 30, 2010 another Kerala Congress faction led by P. J. Joseph, which was a constituent of Left Democratic Front decided to leave LDF and merge with KC(M) to form a single united Kerala Congress. Now it has split again and some of the general secretaries of Kerala Congress (M) have resigned and gone with LDF. Leaders like Francis George, K C Joseph, Antony Raju, P C Joseph and others have resigned from Kerala Congress (M) and started talking with LDF.

For the Kerala Assembly election, the united groups would be contesting under the banner and symbol of Kerala Congress (M) as directed by the election commission. The name Kerala Congress and symbol bicycle which have been claimed by the united group have been temporarily frozen.

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